SQUARE ONE: Julia Scott Green

Meet Julia, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March.

 Initially intended to be an exploration into the bridge between photography and painting, Julia’s beautiful images being showcased as part of our exhibition are much more than that. To Julia, they are an examination of her personal biography and family history – inspired by a family trip to Papua New Guinea. Julia’s keeping it in the family. 

 Where can we see your work on the internets?


Your work explores the crossover between painting and photography, if you had to choose between either painting or photography, which medium would you choose?

This is a problematic question for me, which I guess my graduate folio attempted to resolve.

On one hand, photography presents a slick & seemingly transparent representation of the world; it is an incredibly available medium.On the other hand, painting provided for me a tactile and kinetic alternative to the often regimented nature of photography.I decided that I didn’t have to choose one medium over another, but could instead occupy the vast middle ground. Each enquiry is unique and calls upon a different approach.

Who or what inspires you?

In this case, the work of Gerhard Richter and later Martin Smith. However, most importantly, I went on an intense family trip to Papua New Guinea where I spent a lot of my childhood and where my parents grew up. That trip, and more specifically the images I shot while I was there, were the chief catalyst for the work.

Favourite place in Brisbane?

Occupy New Farm Park frisbee games in summer.
Back yard bonfires at home in winter.
It’s the company not the location I guess :)

 How would you describe the Brisbane art scene?

The Brisbane art scene is ALIVE! It feels like it’s gaining momentum by the second. Everyone in it seems irresistibly cool, well dressed, beautiful, intelligent and outrageously talented. It can be intimidating and scary as hell and I often wonder what am I doing here.

 When did you realise you wanted to be in your chosen creative field?

It was introduced to me at an academic level by teachers in high school, but I have always had an innate desire to explore and understand the world through the creative arts.

What does the term ‘Square One’ mean to you?

It means a job interview. Except this job is your life.

First movie you ever saw?

Dot The Kangaroo. This movie impacted me so much as a child and I am realizing this now more than ever.

Last project you worked on?

I work on projects in my mind everyday! haha
But my last tangible art project was the video work that I made for my final assessment piece mid last year in Digital Art & New Media. Run by Chris Bennie at QCA, it was a game changing subject for me. You can check out the video on my website!

All images courtesy of Julia via juliascottgreen.com