Semi-Permanent :: We Buy Your Kids

Everyone lucky enough to be at Brisbane Semi-Permanent today have been entertained by Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney of We Buy Your Kids.

This creative duo began designing posters for Popfrenzy records but have now established themselves in many different areas of design including packaging, websites, animation as well as commercial illustration and design for large publications and international brands.

Like all successful creatives, We Buy Your Kids have a distinct style. Sonny and Biddy share a love of old comic books (especially crime suspense comics) and horror movies. Their style reflects this as they are inclined to include dark cats and villains. It isn’t surprising that the guys had this approach to deciding on a concept for Washington’s film clip Clementine,
“What if we have a monster that had a pet bear and the bear ripped off his arm and ran away with it?” – Semi-Permanent Conference Sydney 2011

We Buy Your Kids have had their art exhibited globally. Brisbane is lucky enough to see their installation work at Nine Lives Gallery tonight as part of their ‘John Carpenter’ exhibition. Nine Lives will be more crowded than usual as the art show is also the Semi-Permanent after party. But since when has too many people made for a bad party? Go and mingle people!


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