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So many of you…

will probably recognize these unforgettable cute food characters from the extra tv commercial:

Yes friends, aren’t they adorable-  so much so that would you believe the popularity of these little guys has actually spawned a number of fan pages, their very own wiki and even a dedicated facebook page!   Nucking futs right?

Well it may also intrest you to know that this all started with Morten Rowley, co-creator of SuperVixen!

Driven by the motto “great creative, solid execution. simple as that.” SuperVixen have since come a long way from cute little concepts to specializing in slick productions across motion design, illustration, typography, branding and conceptual work of all sorts. With a colourful range of clientele including bigwigs Toyota, Canon, Panasonic, Smirnoff and LG, SuperVixen
are sure to dazzle and amaze at this years Semi-Perm (Which, on that note – make sure to pay attention to this years intro piece -
all SuperVixen baby)

Toyota PriusArt Direction 

Elan SkateboardsIllustration

Tylers RiotPrint Design

AssasinsPrint Design

Make sure you also take a look below at their current demo reel – witnass tha slicknass!

So there you have it, expect some sweetly polished stuff from these guys at Semi-Perm this friday!

Images stolen with love from the Supervixen site :)

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  1. noelle noelle says:

    Love it. They’re amazing!!!!!

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