Papergirl Brisbane

To me, the Papergirl project is one of the most interesting and refreshing approaches in promoting artists and their work. If you’re an artist looking to get your work seen by as many people as possible, most people will tell you to publish your work on the internet. The Papergirl project is doing things a little bit differently, old school.

Papergirl Brisbane are calling out to the public to submit any rollable pieces of art that is then distributed like a newspaper. There is no prejudice with respect to artworks submitted either, Papergirl Brisbane use everything that is submitted. 

Submitted artwork is distributed like a newspaper but not edited or printed like it, the artwork is rolled up into bundles of 3 pieces and thrown to random passers-by from bicycles, paperboy style. Art submissions are sent in by mail or handed in personally at the drop off location, and all the work will be exhibited in a gallery setting before being sorted, rolled up, and distributed. There are no guidelines as to format, subject matter, or quantity an artist can submit. Anything can be submitted, so long as the art is flexible enough to be rolled up.


Papergirl Brisbane seeks to bring art to our community in a new, exciting and participatory way; directly and freely by bicycle. We’re into the idea of facilitating people being generous with each other, random acts of kindness, and sharing ideas and energy with strangers. We want to promote creativity, culture, and participatory activities among the people that live here and/or beyond. You don’t have to be from Brisbane to submit work or participate in distribution.

We want to directly engage the people of Brisbane and invite them to be part of a larger and ever-growingDIY artist community that thrives on connections between strangers, communication and word of mouth.


Check out Papergirl Brisbane for more information on how to submit works and get involved.



  1. Nattyo Nattyo says:

    this is an amazing idea!

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