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I recently became obsessed with paper art.

After reading Natty-O’s blog post on Sipho Mabona’s origami art, I spent the majority of my weekend sitting at home folding tiny pieces of triangles (BECAUSE I AM COOL LIKE THAT, WHAT OV IT). And after spending the weekend in solidarity and getting RSI, I have learnt that paper art is freaking hard. 80 gsm paper (a.k.a. printing paper you buy at Woolworths) is finicky, fragile, easy to rip or destroy, and anything created out of this is time consuming and has a high probability that it will look like shit. So it’s amazing when you see paper artists who actually create something beautiful out of ordinary copy paper.

Bianca Chang is a Sydney based paper artist, making 3 dimensional letters made out of carved out pieces of paper. Many, many pieces of paper carved out by hand. The end result is a clean and sleek looking design highlighted by strategic shadows.

She’s already had her work displayed in numerous exhibits including the A4 Paper Festival held by the Paper Convention Collective, and have held workshops to share her secret knowledge of the 80 gsm paper and how to not ruin it (I would really like to get my clumsy hands on one of those how-to zines, if anyone is in possession of one?).

also watch this amazing video of the actual process here:

Bianca Chang – Letter A


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