meet dominique. in. the. sunshine.

After the We Heart Holidays exhibition, I had the opportunity to see some of Dominique’s work in reality. Her creations have an emphasis on the process, not just the beautiful end product.  After stalking her online, with the assistance of Katelyn  - who is a part of the We Heart Collective with her, Dominique was kind enough to lend me her ear and give us an insight into her world!


Where are you based?

I live just north of Byron Bay, but my studio and art practice is on the Gold Coast.

What’s your daytime job?

I was a practising graphic designer for many years and ran my own design studio, but now I convene the Graphic Design program at the Queensland College of Art on the Gold Coast.

Where can we see your work on the internets?

DominiqueFalla.comDribbbleCargo Collective

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I always wanted to be a mathematician or a geologist as a child, but no matter what, it would have to be creative. If I’m not making something, building something, plotting or scheming I get very bored. I often watch cake decorating shows and think their work is amazing and that would be a cool day job, but in the end, clients, stress and long hours always tarnish a creative day job, so I’ll stick with being an artist on my own time thanks. Hahaha.

Who or what inspires you?

The work of other designer/artists, such as Evelin Kasikov, Anna Garforth, Bianca Chang, Marian Bantjes and Stefan Sagmeister. I’ve just recently discovered the work of public artist Gordon Young and he just blows my mind. I also get inspired by people living lives to the fullest and following their dream. People like Jamie Oliver, Will Smith or Richard Branson for example, which is a weird place to find spiritual guidance, but to me, they are living inspiring lives.

Do you have a particular fancy for a-symmetry? 

My mother and I have both been told we have fantastic asymmetrical faces by two doctors who had just returned from an asymmetry conference. So I guess I’m born with it! Hahaha, I do get very bored very quickly with things that are perfectly symmetrical, so yes, asymmetry all the way.

Do you have a typical process for your creations?

I have a note book that I write in every morning, so I write about my ideas, pose my notebook the question and the concept usually comes from there. I often work to a brief, or a competition, something like that. I have to have a theme or a starting point.  Once I have a concept, I buy all the materials I need, usually from Spotlight and Bunnings, and then I construct the pieces. This is usually quite tedious and time-consuming, so I often watch movies at the same time. Something to keep me focussed whilst I hammer little tiny nails for 10 hours, or recently, stick tiny little squares of paper for 1000 hours! My favourite part is photographing them at the end. I love getting all the detail shots. Working with something physical is so much more rewarding than working with something digital, though the photos often end up in Photoshop for a little extra love and attention.

Favourite website of the moment (doesn’t have to be art related)?  Courtney has a great eye. I love her taste.

What’s your favourite hangout?

Any coffee shop with a power point and great cappuccino. I could seriously spend all day in coffee shops. People leave you alone and I find my brain works best if there is a lot of noise and distraction, but nothing real to actually distract me—like a phone, other people or the internet.

How would you describe the Brisbane art scene?

I’ve been invited to be part of the upcoming Seven with Another project and I’m so excited by the Brisbane art scene that I’m seeing emerge from this and all the people I’m meeting. The pop-up shows on the Gold Coast are pretty exciting as well. I think the rest of the Art world, (Melbourne, Sydney) sees Queensland as regional, which means they leave us alone to get on with doing whatever we like and I love that. What exciting new things do you have coming up? I have a solo show at the end of January called “Goodbye Helvetica”. I’m going to spend all of January installing pieces into a gallery and then the closing night will involve all of the audience members helping me to disassemble it. I’ve had a yearlong love affair with Helvetica and now it is time to end it. I’m also part of the upcoming Seven with Another show which is early Feb. I’m paired with a sound designer, so our piece should be very interesting!



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