Looking With Admiration

When I look at art and I like what I see, I react by either thinking.. “hmm that’s pretty cool, okay what’s next..” or when I’m really impressed “whoever made this is stupid!” Stupid, for being so damn awesome.. i’d probably be there standing in silence for a good couple minutes, crying inside my head wishing I was the artist whom in a flash made me consider what I’m doing with my life… This is what I think people commonly call, inspiration. Shaelah Ariotti is a photographer who makes make me wish I had had a box of imaginary Kleenex.

This girl is uber talented as you will see, and having spoken to Nell who knew her whilst studying at Brisbane’s, Queensland College of Art apparently she’s “the friendliest and sweetest person ever.” .

See more of her stuff on her lovely blog
Also check her out on behance
And Also on the loop


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  1. noelle nell says:

    i feel the same with inspiration. why the hell are people so damn talented…… and why isn’t it me!? hahahaha!
    great post…. scary nell quote. haaaaaaaaaa ;p

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