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About five months ago, I went to Japan. An unintentional coffee stopover at a random Harajuku cafe with a new found friend led me to my newest youtube obsession: Latte Art.

It was the best well-lit, free wi-fi providing, real-coffee-serving cafe I’d been to in Tokyo, quietly hiding on the 5th floor of some telecommunications building we happened to walk past.  I’ve racked my brain and trawled through photos to figure out what the name of the cafe was, but i couldn’t find it. This place had the most intricate latte art I’d seen, and is one of the two places I would ever consider waiting 20 minutes for a fucking coffee.

photos courtesy of Marcus Huang (sorry, i just took them from your facebook. i hope you don’t mind.)

Whilst creeping through the internets for some videos on latte art, I found some work of a barista by the name of Jonathan Pascual. This guy didn’t even like coffee when he started the cafe business six years ago.

photos courtesy of Jonathan Pascual’s blog Double Rosetta

ps. if anyone can tell me where I can go to get a cute latte like these ones in Brisbane, I will buy them a coffee and provide intelligent and witty conversation.


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  1. Steve says:

    Lol i spent 3 weeks doing a barista course which included 2 weeks doing latte art.. I would be lucky if i could pull off a heart.. I envy these skills :S

  2. Nattyo Nattyo says:

    there’s this rad place in Nagoya? I’ll have to show u the photo some time!

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