I Love Collage

Basically for the past 5 days I have been Macaulay Culkin… except without the excitement of burglars and booby traps, no house mates just Me, the tv, and a $7.00 fighting fish who fails at learning how to do tricks for food.

I was forced to do some research to try find a reason why everything in Brisbane is shut and why my housemates are MIA, I needed someone to blame for my bout of cabin fever.

I found out, there is this 130 ft man in Brazil, apparently he died and then came back to life again. He now just stands there as a reminder for people not to fuck with him.  And so not to anger him, people are supposed to go away for holidays and eat chocolate two things I totally forgot to do :|

But if I could afford a holiday right now,  I would totally go to Brazil. Brazil is probably best known for being good at Soccer (Football if you want to be a douche about it) bikini’s, salsa dancing, and is home to the band CSS. I also found out that Lovefoxx the lead singer of CSS is part Japanese and after more snooping I learnt Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.

I came across this Brazillian guy named Fugga who makes some pretty fresh collages.

I couldn’t find much info about him but his use of old school magazine imagery is tempting me to go scavenge the reading archives at my local dental surgery.



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  1. Emily says:

    Steve, check out Greedy Hen! I think you will like them. in relation to your collage work! (go through art and posters for more of the collage stuff… but they also have a great company that does gig posters, album covers and music videos! etc…

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