flickr find :: Lukasz Wierzbowski

There is a lot of shit floating around flickr. But sometimes, while you’re trawling through the thousands of myspace style self-shots and day to day photo diaries of people you don’t know, you come across some really interesting photographers, like Lukasz Wierzbowski.

From what I gather, Lukasz is a Polish freelance photographer. He likes taking photos of girls in weird places and positions. And he shoots them on film.

At a glance, his photos seem like the typical film photography that you see getting reblogged around tumblr by 13 year old girls. you know, photos of people having new-age-fun-with-a-vintage-feel. But by using a strange combination of nature,  pretty girls in unusual poses, clashing colours and patterns, he makes you look twice and think, maybe he has put in a few thoughts or two about the positioning and the framing (or wtf).

you can follow Lukasz on Flickr here

or on tumblr here.


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