There were hardly any cute boys at Finders Keepers…

…But to be honest the Finders Keepers Markets aren’t really targeted towards a male demographic, even though the place is crawling with ladies who have decent taste in clothes, art, music etc. Dudes would have no trouble finding a Robo-Babe. It was a bit of a craft overload with floral prints and doilies coming out the ying yang.

Unlike Claire and Nat, I didn’t buy anything at the Finders Keepers (besides a double smoked german sausage with extra mustard) but I did leave feeling mucho inspired by various illustrators work.


Nancy Mungcal

Lauren Carney


  1. Steve says:

    Damn Lauren Carney’s Stuff is so cool

  2. hey you guys!
    wowzers, you totally made my day!
    thanks so much for the link love!
    hah, i hope you had a simply fab time at the markets!
    x x x

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