erin.smith – written symbols


 Erin Smith has exhibited extensively in Australia and throughout Europe over the past 5 years. Erin creates beautiful images using individual letters and the negative space that surrounds them to explore the idea that words can have many different meanings and can be associated with a number of different objects

Where are you based?


What does the creation process typically involve for you?

  Taking pieces from journals, breaking it down. Thinking about images. Creating the images and letting them develop throughout the entire process. It’s really interesting to see where they end up.



Your work is beautifully intricate and meticulous, how long does a piece usually take to create

Im not too sure of exact times, but enough time that my eyes twitch for the weeks that i’m doing them.



Who or what inspires you?

Everything and everyone, especially people that are doing what they love.

How would you describe the Brisbane art scene?

Super rad.

What does the future hold for you and what are you working on now?

I’m working on a new set of images, lots of colour, and more pen/pencil.