Bari Festival

My posts have been non-existant as of late, but I have been swimming in a literal pool of peer-reviewed journal articles, wading through to get my assignment done in time. I actually haven’t finished it yet and it’s a week overdue but I wanted to mention that The Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives (Bari) Festival is on from Friday the 1st of October until the 31st. Bari Festival is a showcasing of artworks in galleries all over Brisbane. There will be forums, exhibitions, workshops and live entertainment around the following Artist Run Spaces:

Accidently Annie Street
Jugglers Art Space
LoveLove Studios
The Tidy
The Fort
The Wandering Room
Nine Lives

I had a sneaky peaky into the Jugglers Art Space last night, and even though everything wasn’t set up yet, it’s looking quite grand. Make sure you make it there for opening night to catch some audiovisual-live-action-fun-times.


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