BARI Festival 2012

The BARI Festival is Brisbane’s largest celebration of Artist Run Initiatives (ARI’s), BARI provides a unique opportunity for local ARI’s and emerging artists to unite, discuss and promote their work to the wider community.

This year the BARI festival will kick off with the Jugglers opening at 6pm on the 5th of October, individual events hosted at each space between the 5th and 12th of October, there will also be a series of shows hosted at the Judith Wright Shopfront space that will run until the end of the month.

The festival showcases ARI’s from around Brisbane in a series of exhibitions, forums and open studios, ARI’s involved in the 2012 Festival include; Jugglers Art Space, Love Love, Small Lakes, Inhouse ARI, Addition, Wandering Room, Diagram, Boxcopy, Post Datum, Witch Meat, The Word Conterminous and Lost Movements.

Since being founded by the Jugglers Art Organisation in 2008, the BARI Festival seeks to maintain a critical and ongoing dialogue between Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives and the public, cultivating awareness of the vital role Artist Run Spaces contribute to the city.

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