SQUARE ONE: Video with Neu

Excited for our  Square One exhibition on the 2nd of March.

Only Being a day or so away we thought we would give Yarron Frauenfelder, graphic designer at Neu, the Square One treatment.

Square One looks at what it’s like to start fresh. Weather it be in Art, Film, Music, Events or whatever, we’re interested to find out about the drawbacks and advantages faced early on by someone working in the creative industries.

Yarron has kindly sat down to answer our questions. He has also very kindly put together a crisp looking motion graphic just for the event!!!

Check both videos out below…



Where and what did you study?

Bachelor of Creative Industries – specialising in Digital media and Communication design at QUT
Cert. IV in design - Shillington Design College
Cert. IV in small business management 

When did you realise you wanted to be a graphic designer?

I have always been interested in visuals – as a young kid I had piles of comics and a fascination with animation and video games. 
I always collected posters of interesting and appealing promotions and this lead to, one day, deciding to take the plunge into creating my own visuals. 

What does the term ‘Square one’ mean to you?

Planning, Organising, Brainstorming. 

What do you wish you knew at your square one? 

Photoshop is not a layout program… Indesign exists for that.

Advice for someone who is at square one?

Do your best at every project, you never know who is looking and where it can take you.
Referrals from quality work is your best marketing.

First job you ever had?

 Cinema Usher

First town you ever lived in?


First movie you ever saw?


First childhood crush?

Natalie Portman

Last place you had coffee?

The Little Pantry (New Farm)

Last gig you went to?

Justice (Summafieldayze 2012)

Last project you worked on?

Branding project for ‘Music Video Mash Up.’

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  1. noelle noelle says:

    I loooove this! Talented peeps!!!!

  2. Hari says:

    Go forward confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined!

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