Briscoe – Indie Rock Band / Marine doco fanatics

Briscoe is a Sydney band currently touring for their debut album ‘Friends Ago’.

You may have heard their singles Animal or B.O.T.S (I really like this music vid) on triple J but if not, the best way I can explain it is that they leave you with a hankering to go play Beatles Rock Band :p 

They have a whopping 6 members and their role description from their Triple J Unearthed page made me giggle so here it is: ‘Bart fronts and guitars, David basses, Kate keyses, Dee synths and tambos, Jacob guitars better than Bart, Ross drums. Everyone sings, only some are given microphones.’

I had the opportunity to pummel front man Bart with some questions and here’s how it went:

You kicked off your ‘Friends Ago’ tour at Black Bear Lodge, how did you like playing there?

The venue is great – great room, great sound, great bar staff. After a ridiculous logistical odyssey to
actually get ourselves to the venue and set up, we still hadn’t eaten anything by gig time. So when the
lovely bar lady gave me a few tequilas just before we went on, I was trolleyed almost instantly. Short
answer: it was fun.

Have you all been to Brisbane before?

I think everyone had been before, I’d been a bunch of times with my last band Kid Confucius. Before
my first trip to the Valley, lots of people warned us that it was pretty wild but it sounded like they were
exaggerating. We played the Zoo and as we were loading in in the afternoon, everything seemed
pretty chilled and good natured. By load out, there was a fire engine parked across all lanes of Ann St,
people running around shirtless in the street to the sounds of sirens, puking and smashing glass. It was

What was your impression of it this time round?

Well, we didn’t have much of a chance to sample its wares this time – seriously we worked in the
morning, went from work to the airport, went from airport to gig, played gig, drove all the borrowed
gear back to its respective owners, slept for 2 hours, then flew back to Sydney in time for work the next
morning. Even if we had a chance to really soak it up, I think it’s hard to get an impression of a place as a
cultural centre on a Wednesday night, but the late night kebabs are exquisite.

What’s something you did here (in Brisbane) that you enjoyed?

I got a free taco with my hostel room which pretty much saved my life.


How is your tour going?

I am pretty happy at this stage. At the time of writing this, we are two shows in. We played FBi Social
in Sydney the night after Black Bear and some of us hadn’t been home yet. Despite the fatigue I think
punters left both of those shows with their faces nicely melted, and if you only melt one face then it’s all
worth it in my book.

There are 6 of you in the band (too many for 1 cab), how do you guys get around while on tour?

In Brisbane we hired a van. It was too small. So we also caught cabs. There was a lot of forehead

You recorded and produced the whole album at your house so I guess you’re used to being stuck
with each other for long periods but how has it been being in close quarters for this tour?

Sooooooooo good. When we play shows in Sydney it’s a case of everyone arriving from different places,
talking to disparate groups of friends then jumping on stage after not having really seen or talked to each
other. Touring imposes togetherness which is a really great thing, you feel like a team. Also, touring
usually includes some element of ordeal (the Brisbane trip was no different) and nothing bonds you as a
unit like group delirium in the face of a full-on fuck-up.


‘Friends Ago’ how did you come up with the name of the album?

It’s a lyric from the song Animal denoting people who were once friends but are no longer friends. It’s kind
of a theme to this record when I think about it.

Where did you get the name ‘Briscoe’ from?

It’s an acronym using the middle initials of all of our favourite marine documentarians.

What do you imagine people doing while listening to your album? (It can be to a particular song if
you want)

I imagine them sitting in an austere room on a hard wooden chair in the centre of the floor looking straight

If you’re in (or planning to be in) NSW or Melbourne, then you’ve got a couple more chances to check out these guys. Go to their blogspot for dates and such. 


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