02/11/2011 i SHOP what i like IMG_6188

OP SHOP SPOT. Vinnies in Paddington

Paddington is a personal favourite for vintage shopping. Something that makes this suburb unique is that the op shops and vintage stores appear to live side-by-side harmoniously. You will find Vinnies at 16 Latrobe Tce inside “Foresters Hall” with it’s classic $1 clothes rack and row of tempting furniture out the front. If you’re in […]

20/10/2011 i SHOP what i like we_live_like_this_flowers

We live like this – part of why I love Paddington

  The other day, Claire and I were having a lazy day and after having a late breakfast/lunch at the Hampton’s café, we found ourselves in an adorable store called We live like this. At first glance it looks like a simple fashion boutique but on entering, I discovered they also stocked fun nic nacs […]

11/10/2011 i SHOP what i like IMG_4800

OP SHOP SPOT. That Little Vintage Shop (Ballarat)

Each small town has a shop that locals brag about. For Ballarat I’d say That Little Vintage Shop is something locals would worry about sharing, because this source is so good. Cheap, quality vintage mostly sourced from the UK, this store gives any of the vintage stores in Paddington a run for their money. Go […]

07/10/2011 i SHOP what i like folio books

Folio Books over Tiffany’s, any day

Holly Golightly would take her coffee and croissant and stare inside the window of Tiffany’s when she was feeling horrible. I like to walk away from the mall and the crowds of undernourished teenagers and cigarette smoke, down Albert Street, straight to Folio Books. Staring at the front window display calms me down right away. […]

22/09/2011 i SHOP what i like pugs not drugs

Hannah Zakari – an o/s discovery

Having arrived in Edinburgh, Scottland for a Jimmy Eatworld gig, Claire and I conveniently found ourselves in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe festival. We hurried past Hannah Zakari while trying to find a comedy gig but swore to come back and have a look, and that is what we  did. There were many things […]

27/06/2011 i SHOP what i like IMG_1023

a not so .shabby chic. streak

I want to go to Paris. It’s been my dream (along with going to Japan, which I’ve conquered that mission!) to go to Paris (as well as the whole of Europe). Last weekend I found Paris in Brisbane … as well as all things pretty & girly! A Shabby Streak fulfills all your French Country […]

17/06/2011 i SHOP what i like Free_Stuff

Did we mention there will be givaways?

Like Freddie Mercury said “Tonight i’m gonna have myself a real good time.“. And damn, i think i’m looking forward to tonight as much as Freddie! So here’s one more reason why YOU should be psyched for a good time as well! FREE STUFF! The fine folk at Little Jane St, Sunday Social, Ra Ra […]

26/05/2011 i FASHION what i like slide-2

they’ve cast a .spell. on me. .

Hi Strutteners! I think it was a year ago I spent the Easter break at Byron camping (omg, right near on the beach, yayyy!) and was at a really cool blues market and spotted this super cool stall.  They had a beautiful collection of Native American-esque boho jewellery, fashion and accessories.  I discovered it was […]

21/05/2011 i FASHION what i like winter

10 things i .like. about .winter.

YAY! My favourite season is hereee! Albeit a little early – WINTER <3 I’m sososo excited, and in celebrations, I bring you my 10 Things I like about Winter: 10. Bum parts: super prettie & simple, for when you wake up late cos it’s so darn cold!! 9. Bright Lips & Nails: hard to pull […]

11/05/2011 i FASHION what i like X$_A3 small

ksubi sale :: 20~22nd May

this is definitely worth checking out and spending your “dollar dollar bills yo”. the last time i went, i bought a pair of jeans for $50  and for people who aren’t already familiar with the brand, they average around $200. i paid full price for another pair once, and i can’t tell the difference except […]