05/12/2010 i CULTURE what i like frock paper scissors header

Finally a free Brisbane mag that isn’t just ads

Now that it’s uni holidays I can push what little home work that was required of me out of my mind and spend 99% of my time either shopping or sitting in cafes reading. It’s a hard life, I know. What should catch my eye this particular morning but the QUT students fashion magazine FROCK […]

06/11/2010 i ART what i like Finders keepers sign

Claire & Nat went to the markets

Nat: 1 cape, 2 dresses, swimmers, tote bag and a cute ring. All round, Claire and I had a pretty successful day at the Finders Keepers markets. In my defence I was a little over excited at having gotten my first pay cheque as a Real pharmacist :p Claire: The tote bag was a birthday […]

05/10/2010 i ART what i like shida

194, looking back on a good night

So… I know it was a while back but things have been hectic. So far Zine launch would probably be rated a success by anyone’s standards. I rocked up late so I missed Per Purpose but Stag were pretty cool. They remind me a bit of Teenagers in Tokyo (I <3 you Linda Mariano). Sorry […]

12/09/2010 i CULTURE what i like Nike-SB-Street-Fighter-Pack-Dunk-Low-“Chun-Li”-Dunk-Mid-Ryu-04


I saw these and I thought.. You know who would love these… Sim, sure… But somebody besides Sim… Has anyone ever seen that slightly unkempt version of Ryu who works as security at Mana Bar … Does he wear shoes? I’m not too sure, He should be wearing shoes right… But yeah he’d totally wanna  […]

12/09/2010 i ART what i like taito

Uniqlo I love you and you never let me down

Whether I’m down for no reason or genuinely depressed about life, I’ve found that uniqlo calendar always manages to cheer me up Now this is a massive fashion corporation giving back to the world! Not only does it show random scenes in Japan (man Japs do some weird crap) but it gives you the date […]

09/09/2010 i CULTURE what i like IMG_4651

‘cos I’m such an individual

So last year in Tokyo, I discovered the wonderful world of NIKEiD’s (Nikes designed by yours truly) I loved the idea cos it reminded me of the olden days whenclothing wasn’t mass produced but measured and made for the individual. For those of us who aren’t gifted enough/can’t be bothered sewing, printing, dying etc., NIKEiD […]

02/09/2010 i CULTURE what i like Lego


A pop culture kick to the nuts from Daniel Reese aka BRASS MONKI Here’s a few of my personal favourites. via The Caped Crapkickers: Batman Sneakers [Geekologie]

25/07/2010 i ART what i like Strutten

Coming soon

Strutten is getting ready to go.