12/08/2012 galerie-cinema05

These charming film icons…

  Now this is how you do a costume party right… French lifestyle website Sport & Style recently shot this photo series that neatly arranges wardrobes made famous in film. The sets have been carefully pieced together from contemporary styles, and while not completely accurate recreations of their iconic film counterparts,  they’re definitely as close as you’ll get to owning […]

02/07/2012 i ART what i like I Used To Skate Once #08

I Used To Skate Once vol 08

On 21st of June, my friends and I visited a now not so little exhibition known as ‘I Used to Skate Once’.

25/05/2012 i CULTURE what i like Art-of-Sake

wagamama sake masterclass

On Wednesday Brisbane’s Wagamama Wintergarden held a special sake tasting event with Sake Master, Toshi Maeda. Participants learnt about the subtle flavours of sake and history and techniques involved in brewing this quintessentially Japanese drink.

02/03/2012 i CULTURE what i like bleeding heart gallery

How to get to Bleeding Heart Gallery tonight

If you’re a little bit unsure how to get to our Square One exhibition tonight and are traveling by public transport, here are some tips on how to find the Bleeding Heart Gallery. (Yes. This is a recycled article from the Strutten.com launch party. Sssshh) It’s in the city. It’s on Ann St. It’s in […]

08/12/2011 i CULTURE what i like mine

Terrariums – a little glass bulb of life

For my birthday this year, my sister got me a terrarium. Now, I’ve never been much of a green thumb, in fact I’ve managed to kill 2 cacti given to me in my short life time, so I’m not sure why she gave it to me, but I loved it. The great thing about terrariums […]

01/11/2011 i CULTURE what i like rabbithole

yayyyy. down the .rabbit.hole.

Located in the buzzing urban funk hub of Brisbane – West End, The Rabbit Hole Ideation Cafe is a space for peeps to meet, work, share and create!  If you’re looking for a space that’s an easy source of your daily coffee buzzzzzz as well as a good place to connect with peers, resources and […]

21/09/2011 i CULTURE what i like 293419_10150318608563926_504813925_7878525_197293316_n

emulator. opening! 23rd friday.

Last night, 4 Strutteners were lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the Emulator Exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery!   We were entertained by all the classic arcade games, game art and a drink or two!  We had a thrilling race against Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde in Pacman and won ourselves a plushy […]

17/07/2011 i CULTURE what i like pink

The International Year of Forests

2011: The International Year of Forests. Did you know it was? Cos I sure didn’t. Not until I saw this beautiful photo exhibition behind the Louvre. “Forests cover a third of the Earth’s surface. They are home to over half of terrestrial species and hundreds of millions of human beings. Forests provide part of one […]

19/06/2011 i CULTURE what i like IMG_0693


For some one who is so embedded into the digital world, I was pretty slow in leaping into the whole iPhone scene – but I did it :O! I never thought I’d buy any apps too…. and most people have already discovered Hipstamatic, but it was pretty new and flash to me. Following in Claire’s […]

07/06/2011 i CULTURE what i like 21

That suits you to a T. For the book-lovers.

I’m a firm believer that your choice of t-shirt reflects the type of person you are*. The shirts I’d like to bring your attention to today are for the book lovers. I want to share an online store where you can find a tee suited for everyone out there who secretly liked the assigned readings […]