22/09/2010 i PEOPLE what i like Review01

Why you shouldn’t borrow books from your mother.

The last few days in Brisbane have been more reminiscent of a dreary Melbourne. The other day as I walked through the hum-drumness of Adelaide street I wondered to myself… why does all this wet weather seems to bring out a multitude of monotonously dressed white collars? It was only seconds later, I found myself […]

20/09/2010 i PEOPLE what i like Akiko-5


So Aims, your request to be some ones muse has been granted… I adored your post about Cat Power soooo much… that I totally had to bite it, hope you don’t mind! As you may have noticed, Strutten is a site about appreciating asians and the cool thing they do (We also sometimes post about […]

12/09/2010 i CULTURE what i like Nike-SB-Street-Fighter-Pack-Dunk-Low-“Chun-Li”-Dunk-Mid-Ryu-04


I saw these and I thought.. You know who would love these… Sim, sure… But somebody besides Sim… Has anyone ever seen that slightly unkempt version of Ryu who works as security at Mana Bar … Does he wear shoes? I’m not too sure, He should be wearing shoes right… But yeah he’d totally wanna  […]

02/09/2010 i ART what i like Fridge

We Can’t All Look This Good

Sim by Claire Narnia by Nell Nell by Narnia Narnia by Steve Claire by Sim Nell by Steve Aims by Natty-o Steve by Nell Natty-o by Aims

25/07/2010 i ART what i like Strutten

Coming soon

Strutten is getting ready to go.