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Square One: Katelyn Hankinson

Meet Katelyn, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March. Katelyn was kind enough to let me interview her whilst she’s parading around Europe, hunting for WIFI! She shares her insights into her beginnings as the paper queen.   Where and what did you study?    Bachelor of Visual Media at […]

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Square One: Dominique Falla

Meet Dominique, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March. Tactile typographer extraordinaire, Graphic Design Convener at QCA Gold Coast, We Heart Collective founder and overall aesthetic champion – we have the privellege of Dominique as one of the artists showcasing at our upcoming exhibition this Friday. As you may remember, […]

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Strutten presents: Square One. March 2nd! Mark it in your calendar!

The Strutten collective are hosting our second exhibition, Square One. An event that pays homage to the modest beginnings of Brisbane creatives; from the shop owner to the journalist. Held at the Bleeding Heart Gallery on Friday 2nd March 2012. The Square One exhibition will showcase a collection of Brisbane visual artists and be the official launch of […]

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I luckily had the opportunity to interview the very talented Digital Designer, Illustrator, Photographer and even Production Designer – Joelle Peters. She is also the principal designer for Wikifashion! With a multitude of skills and very pretty & natural aesthetic style, We Heart Collective member (along with Katelyn & Dominique) Joelle shared detail on her […]

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roar. monster sale at ra ra

Looking to burn some cash so you’re not thinking of heading back to school… or work.. or anything of the sort? Then pop on by to Ra Ra Superstar’s latest event! Stuff a bag full as you can for $50 on the suitcase rummage. Free lemonade + cookies for everyone too! Their contact information if […]

09/01/2012 i ART what i like weareallapart

meet dominique. in. the. sunshine.

After the We Heart Holidays exhibition, I had the opportunity to see some of Dominique’s work in reality. Her creations have an emphasis on the process, not just the beautiful end product.  After stalking her online, with the assistance of Katelyn  - who is a part of the We Heart Collective with her, Dominique was kind enough to lend […]

12/12/2011 i ART what i like birdjaa

hello… kitty. horton

  Kitty Horton is a talented Brisbane based artist who has exhibited in solo shows in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as various group shows around Australia.   Using acrylic on wood, ink and soft sculpture toys as her favourite medium, she uses her creativity to explore concepts, ages and cultures. She has examined semiotics, historical […]

07/12/2011 i ART what i like We Heart Collective

.we heart holidays.

Do you heart holidays? We Heart Collective certainly does! Their final exhibition for 2011, We Heart Holidays, is coming to you at Kerbside Bar. Opening night is Wednesday, December 7, 6pm til late.    We Heart Holidays + Ashleigh Brennan+ Dominique Falla+ Hannah Groff+ Katelyn Hankinson [Paper Queen]+ Megan Harrison+ Lindsay Howard+ Denica Layton+ Porsha […]

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paper. . .queen.katelyn hankinson

Working in the design industry, you meet a lot of really talented creatives that inspire and really push you to better yourself! Moving over to Price Attack, I met the not-so -bogan, Logan local & print designer extraodinaire,  Katelyn Hankinson! This Paper Queen was kind enough to let me spam attack her with questions about […]

01/11/2011 i CULTURE what i like rabbithole

yayyyy. down the .rabbit.hole.

Located in the buzzing urban funk hub of Brisbane – West End, The Rabbit Hole Ideation Cafe is a space for peeps to meet, work, share and create!  If you’re looking for a space that’s an easy source of your daily coffee buzzzzzz as well as a good place to connect with peers, resources and […]