12/08/2012 galerie-cinema05

These charming film icons…

  Now this is how you do a costume party right… French lifestyle website Sport & Style recently shot this photo series that neatly arranges wardrobes made famous in film. The sets have been carefully pieced together from contemporary styles, and while not completely accurate recreations of their iconic film counterparts,  they’re definitely as close as you’ll get to owning […]

19/06/2012 i ART what i like Zilvinas Kempinas Triangulation Blog 1

Tube by Zilvinas Kempinas

Probably the best use of old VHS tape you’ll ever see… “Tube” is an art installation by Zilvinas Kempinas that uses reels of VHS magnetic tape, stretched out and carefully arranged, to form an 80-foot tunnel. Inside the tunnel offers an optical experience for the viewer as the strands of a tape seem to blur […]

14/06/2012 i EVENTS what i like worldpress

World Press Photo

The world’s most prestigious annual exhibition of photojournalism visits Brisbane for the fifth year running. Come at check it out at the Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm.

01/03/2012 i ART what i like dead-space

SQUARE ONE: Steven Rhodes

Meet Steven, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March. Some of you may remember our handsome set of strutten postcards that were featured in last year’s Semi-Permanent packs. The man behind these truly wondrous pieces of work, Steve Rhodes (or as he’s more affectionately known “Rhodsey”) took some time […]

03/09/2011 i ART what i like 2011_bossa_nova_baby[stuffee.net]

Silo Spring 2011 :: Ken Smith

  In the lead up to Silo’s Spring 2011 Mixtape Launch tomorrow night at Jugglers ArtSpace, the gang here at Strutten.com thought it would be good to feature some of the artists that will be exhibiting as part of our Tunnel Artshow.   Ken Smith     From covering everything from mana bar promos to […]

29/08/2011 playlistheader

August 2011 Playlist

home is where the ART is Hi Gang, this month to celebrate Triple J’s recent hottest 100 aussie albums of all time i’ve decidedto feature a few charming acts from Brisbane and interstate for your listening pleasure. hope you enjoy, xox sim.     01. Millions – Those Girls Fresh off the back of winning […]

04/08/2011 i ART what i like vixen_6-l_1303867783

Semi-Permanent :: SuperVixen

So many of you… will probably recognize these unforgettable cute food characters from the extra tv commercial: Yes friends, aren’t they adorable-  so much so that would you believe the popularity of these little guys has actually spawned a number of fan pages, their very own wiki and even a dedicated facebook page!   Nucking futs […]

20/07/2011 i FASHION what i like geek-couture-4

Geek Vogue by Blackmilk

So a little while back… the lovely noelle-a featured some sweet little numbers the guys over at BlackMilk have been putting out lately… http://strutten.com/i-shop-what-i-like/sexy-black-milk/ yep prrrrettty amazing… well then geeks get ready to grab your inhalers because just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than R2 and Vader,this new series of dresses and […]

15/06/2011 i ART what i like 11_alexgriggsmirnoffblackwithstroke2

we ♥. alex grigg

This week, we’re featuring some of the artists that we have on show at our “we ? what we like” exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery (Friday 17th June, 6pm!). Introducing the fantastic Alex Grigg As a kid, what got you drawing? TV? Cartoons? I’m not sure. I remember drawing lots of monsters when I was […]

14/06/2011 i ART what i like emilynelson_a4print1

we ♥. emily nelson

This week, we’re featuring some of the artists that we have on show at our “we ♥ what we like” exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery (Friday 17th June, 6pm!). Introducing the wonderful… Can you remember your first paintings? Tell us about them I was painting and drawing from a very young age. I used to […]