29/02/2012 i ART what i like black & spiro centre piece

SQUARE ONE: Sue-Ching Lascelles

Meet Sue, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March. For those of us who have ‘grown up’ all too quickly, Sue’s art is a vivid reminder of what the world looked like when we were young. She took the time to answer some Square One related questions so […]

26/02/2012 i ART what i like france


  Meet Max, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March. Max takes photos to document his life. His photos seem to resonate a nostalgic beauty, maybe because they’re of something you’ve seen before or remind you of a good time you’ve had. Whatever it is, it got me […]

17/01/2012 i BRISBANE what i like March 2 people!

Square One Exhibition

Hey Strutteners! Team Strutten has finally awoken from it’s post-Christmas food coma and are now in full swing preparing for our second exhibition at Bleeding Heart gallery – and you get to be the first to know about it! So write it in you calendar and set a reminder on your phone because March 2 […]

24/12/2011 i BRISBANE what i like hearts galore

Merry Bokeh Christmas

As I’m feeling a little festive, I thought I’d share some experimental bokeh photos I took last night. With the 4KQ Christmas lights winners list as our treasure map, my friend and I explored the pretty lights of suburbia.  Bokeh is the Japanese word for ‘blurred’, and in a photography context, describes the art of […]

08/12/2011 i CULTURE what i like mine

Terrariums – a little glass bulb of life

For my birthday this year, my sister got me a terrarium. Now, I’ve never been much of a green thumb, in fact I’ve managed to kill 2 cacti given to me in my short life time, so I’m not sure why she gave it to me, but I loved it. The great thing about terrariums […]

13/11/2011 i FASHION what i like failed sucide bombing

As close to following the news as I’ll ever get

So as you may know by now, I’m not much of a reader; but I respect and admire those who are up-to-date with what’s going on in the world around us. I have even greater respect for the creators of Made in the Now who mix fashion and world news. Made in the Now is […]

01/11/2011 i FASHION what i like horse!

En Vie – passion for fashion

En Vie is an online fashion magazine which spreads their love of fashion to the world. Super gadget friendly, if you’re more hi-tech than me, you can read it on your iPad or iPhone or simply on your laptop. And if English isn’t your first language, fear not! En Vie is available in a variety […]

20/10/2011 i SHOP what i like we_live_like_this_flowers

We live like this – part of why I love Paddington

  The other day, Claire and I were having a lazy day and after having a late breakfast/lunch at the Hampton’s café, we found ourselves in an adorable store called We live like this. At first glance it looks like a simple fashion boutique but on entering, I discovered they also stocked fun nic nacs […]

22/09/2011 i SHOP what i like pugs not drugs

Hannah Zakari – an o/s discovery

Having arrived in Edinburgh, Scottland for a Jimmy Eatworld gig, Claire and I conveniently found ourselves in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe festival. We hurried past Hannah Zakari while trying to find a comedy gig but swore to come back and have a look, and that is what we  did. There were many things […]

17/07/2011 i CULTURE what i like pink

The International Year of Forests

2011: The International Year of Forests. Did you know it was? Cos I sure didn’t. Not until I saw this beautiful photo exhibition behind the Louvre. “Forests cover a third of the Earth’s surface. They are home to over half of terrestrial species and hundreds of millions of human beings. Forests provide part of one […]