12/05/2011 i FASHION what i like Holly Blake2

Kids who do cool shit :: Olivia Thornton

  photo by Georges Antoni Olivia is fresh out of high school, a mere eighteen years of age. But she’s already made a significant ripple in the cut-throat industry that modelling is, if I have learnt correctly from watching countless seasons of my not-so-secret vice, America’s Next Top Model. photo by Israel Rivera Described as […]

11/05/2011 i FASHION what i like X$_A3 small

ksubi sale :: 20~22nd May

this is definitely worth checking out and spending your “dollar dollar bills yo”. the last time i went, i bought a pair of jeans for $50  and for people who aren’t already familiar with the brand, they average around $200. i paid full price for another pair once, and i can’t tell the difference except […]

27/04/2011 i ART what i like harajuku cafe2

Latte Art :: Jonathan Pascual

About five months ago, I went to Japan. An unintentional coffee stopover at a random Harajuku cafe with a new found friend led me to my newest youtube obsession: Latte Art. It was the best well-lit, free wi-fi providing, real-coffee-serving cafe I’d been to in Tokyo, quietly hiding on the 5th floor of some telecommunications […]

29/03/2011 youremiltonmyheart

able and game

  In high school, I liked to stay at home and spend hours on art projects rather than function like a normal social human being. One of these art projects was making unconventional yet adorable greeting cards. I soon gave this up due to the fact that I could only come up with 3 puns, […]

18/02/2011 i ART what i like BEAF

Brisbane Emerging Art Festival

imho, there aren’t enough opportunities for up-and-coming artists in Brisbane to be seen by people who aren’t their friends or parents (ie. people who are obligated to like your work). The Brisbane Emerging Art Festival happens to be a great exhibit which is free and will expose you to some talented people you’ve never heard of […]

17/02/2011 i FASHION what i like 6sheenabeaston typepad

my top 10 Peaches outfits of all time.

If your forty-four year old mother dressed like this, I would probably be more inclined to touch her. 10. some sort of unbloomed-flower-bud-jacket (to be honest, i would probably wear this if i had it). courtesy of  peaches’ official blog 9. the i’m-growing-pubic-hair-all-over headdress. courtesy of behance.net 8. this is a pretty hideous bodysuit, but […]

19/01/2011 i ART what i like Aaron Ruell Birds

aaron ruell is an awkward photographer.

A friend recently introduced me to the strange photography of Aaron Ruell a.k.a. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite a.k.a. this guy. Apparently inbetween directing commercials and romantic internet conversations with LaFawndah, Aaron Ruell has established himself as a photographer with a distinct style, as seen in the Napoleon Dynamite opening credits. Personally, I’m drawn to them […]

10/01/2011 i BRISBANE what i like one shoulder ruffle dress

thatwasyesterday everyday

I recently came across this dress  in a story full of chance and coincidences, only to be told to my closest confidants (as it involves much shame on my part). After undertaking some intense detective work (which involved checking the tag on the dress and facebook stalking the label), I stumbled upon Thatwasyesterday. I was […]

30/09/2010 i ART what i like BariFest

Bari Festival

My posts have been non-existant as of late, but I have been swimming in a literal pool of peer-reviewed journal articles, wading through to get my assignment done in time. I actually haven’t finished it yet and it’s a week overdue but I wanted to mention that The Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives (Bari) Festival is […]

15/09/2010 i EVENTS what i like Rosalie by Nude

Jules & Roc sale – 16th September

Jules & Roc are moving from their Brunswick Street home, and they’re selling all of their current stock at $50 or less! the reason why i’m so excited is that they stock some of the most beautiful shoes (from Peep Toe, Sachi, Nude, Tilly Rose and more) that are sold for usually around $150-$350, and […]