14/09/2011 i BRISBANE what i like mad-men-cast1

Mad Men costume exhibition at QueensPlaza

From the typewriters to the scotch decanters to the evening gowns, every prop and costume you see on Mad Men has been carefully selected. The devoted eye to detail means there are few anachronisms to be found. One woman behind making the costumes of the cast so genuine is Emmy Award winning costume designer Janie […]

07/09/2011 i EVENTS what i like bigsound_2010_normal


The line-up for BIGSOUND live this year makes me want to run down the street, clicking my heels in the air. The annual BIGSOUND live event brings a total of 80 bands performing live across various venues tonight and tomorrow night. Bands you can expect include Last Dinosaurs, Jinja Safari, Little Scout and Laneous & […]

22/08/2011 i ART what i like epjey pacheco

Epjey Pacheco

Epjey Pacheco is one of the coolest sounding names I’ve ever come across. It’s up there with Jose Gonzales and Hurricane Snow. It just sounds so fun to say. Go on, say it: Epjey Pacheco. I found Epjey’s art on my favourite magazine and website Juxtapoz. Something else you should know about Epjey is he […]

05/08/2011 i ART what i like Steven Rhodes Carpe-Diem

Semi-Permanent :: Strutten post cards in your pack

Here at Strutten we are all about art and the creative people behind it. This is why we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a great design conference. For all of you who are new to our site, hello and welcome! Thanks for checking us out and feel free to email […]

05/08/2011 i ART what i like we buy your kids

Semi-Permanent :: We Buy Your Kids

Everyone lucky enough to be at Brisbane Semi-Permanent today have been entertained by Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney of We Buy Your Kids. This creative duo began designing posters for Popfrenzy records but have now established themselves in many different areas of design including packaging, websites, animation as well as commercial illustration and design for […]

29/07/2011 i ART what i like nodo_joannethies-2

I Love Saturdays blog

Anyone who edits their art in bed on a Sunday afternoon with a cold beer in hand is someone I salute. Jo Thies, I salute you. Jo is a rad Brisbane girl who doodles, makes her own typography and takes breathtaking photos that she puts up on her blog I Love Saturdays. Her photos make […]

24/07/2011 i FASHION what i like Alice_Nightingale_Blackboard_Cape02

Brisbane fashion label Alice Nightingale

A while back I met Alice Veivers in Winn Lane to discuss her quirky fashion label ‘Alice Nightingale’. Alice is one of those people you want to grab by the shoulders and shake them whilst screaming “HOW DO YOU DO IT!? TELL ME YOUR SECRET” Because at 20 years of age, Alice has a diploma, […]

04/07/2011 i ART what i like IMG_5427

We ♥ Laura Brown

Two weeks back, we were featuring some of the artists that we had on show at our we ♥ what we like exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery . This is an updated article on the talented Laura Brown. As Laura hurried in to meet me at Cosmos cafe in the Valley, the first thing that […]

17/06/2011 i ART what i like Lanah_II

we ♥ .Angela Ferro

This week, we’re featuring some of the artists that we have on show at our we ♥ what we like exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery (TONIGHT Friday 17th June, 6pm!). Introducing Angela Ferro. Angela is a full-time photographer, juggling her personal photography work, freelance, wedding photography and jobs assigned to her through Mirror Mirror Agencies. […]

14/06/2011 i ART what i like strutten paint picture

Our launch party teaser video

If you haven’t heard already, we’re having our launch party and we ♥ what we like exhibition this Friday night, June 17th. It’s going to be an amazing night for so many reasons. One reason is that you will see the exclusive full-version of our Strutten video presentation. I don’t want to give too much […]