06/11/2012 i EVENTS what i like Deck The Walls

Deck The Walls at Bleeding Heart Gallery

Ho Ho Holy crap Christmas is almost here! Brace yourself people because Christmas parties and events will be spreading all over your social calendar quicker than chicken pox. Christmas fever will hitĀ Bleeding Heart Gallery on Friday November 9th as they get merry with their Deck The Walls exhibition. Bleeding Heart Gallery are in the spirit […]

13/07/2012 i BRISBANE what i like Ladies_Home_Journal_-_May_1960.60150339_large

Love Vintage Show at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Finding the perfect vintage treasure can be a daunting affair, especially when you need to sort the true vintage gem from the Katies tee your mum used to own. Love Vintage Show is putting the nation’s best vintage stores under one convenient roof for Brisbane to fawn over, for one weekend only. There’s something for […]

02/03/2012 i CULTURE what i like bleeding heart gallery

How to get to Bleeding Heart Gallery tonight

If you’re a little bit unsure how to get to our Square One exhibition tonight and are traveling by public transport, here are some tips on how to find the Bleeding Heart Gallery. (Yes. This is a recycled article from the Strutten.com launch party. Sssshh) It’s in the city. It’s on Ann St. It’s in […]

28/02/2012 i ART what i like wedding_cake_hat_by_burntfeather

SQUARE ONE: Fee Harding

Meet Fee, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March. Fee Harding creates art that blends pop culture, whimsical concepts and alluring images that begs the question, who did that? Someone I’m proud to claim as a Queenslander, Fee resides in the Sunshine Coast where works away at her […]

30/01/2012 luisa rossitto photographed by joanne thies

Luisa Rossitto

Luisa Rossitto is a Brisbane artist that creates such beautiful, unique work that you can get lost staring into them. If you’re not familiar with her work, check our her site, read her lovely interview and scroll down to look at the lovely images of her studio captured by Joanne Thies of I love Saturdays. […]

25/11/2011 i ART what i like stephenwiltshire7

Stephen Wiltshire draws Brisbane in front of our eyes at the State Library

Drawing things from memory is hard. A task as basic as drawing our own house would turn out with the incorrect placement of a window or step. But for UK illustrator Stephen Wiltshire, who travels to cities across the world to draw large scale landscapes, it’s a cinch. Take a look at how Wiltshire recreates […]

10/11/2011 i BRISBANE what i like LittleBigBrisbaneHeader

Little Big Brisbane

As some of you may have realised, here at Strutten we have a soft-spot for tilt-shift photography turning people miniature. We’ve praised Uniqlo for their uniqlo calendar (that appears on our site on the bottom right) and I was thrilled to discover an amazing film made here in BrisbaneĀ  -Little Big Brisbane. Armed with a […]

02/11/2011 i SHOP what i like IMG_6188

OP SHOP SPOT. Vinnies in Paddington

Paddington is a personal favourite for vintage shopping. Something that makes this suburb unique is that the op shops and vintage stores appear to live side-by-side harmoniously. You will find Vinnies at 16 Latrobe Tce inside “Foresters Hall” with it’s classic $1 clothes rack and row of tempting furniture out the front. If you’re in […]

11/10/2011 i SHOP what i like IMG_4800

OP SHOP SPOT. That Little Vintage Shop (Ballarat)

Each small town has a shop that locals brag about. For Ballarat I’d say That Little Vintage Shop is something locals would worry about sharing, because this source is so good. Cheap, quality vintage mostly sourced from the UK, this store gives any of the vintage stores in Paddington a run for their money. Go […]

07/10/2011 i SHOP what i like folio books

Folio Books over Tiffany’s, any day

Holly Golightly would take her coffee and croissant and stare inside the window of Tiffany’s when she was feeling horrible. I like to walk away from the mall and the crowds of undernourished teenagers and cigarette smoke, down Albert Street, straight to Folio Books. Staring at the front window display calms me down right away. […]