Strutten is a dynamic website celebrating Brisbane’s eclectic art,
culture, design, people and places.

Strutten is comprised of seven friends. We didn’t grow up together or all meet
at high school; thus our varied backgrounds and histories allow us to write
from different perspectives despite having many of the same interests.

We created this site to share our thoughts and discoveries with our peers;
the art, style and music savvy youth of Brisbane. Our content always relates
to creative people or projects because we want to showcase the talent within
Brisbane, and across the seas, who continue to impress and inspire us.

We love Brisbane. With the localisation of the internet, we feel it’s so much
easier these days for people to find out what’s happening in their own backyard.
Gone are the days when Melbourne and Sydney were the only hubs of
emerging Australian music, art, fashion and events; and yet there seems to
be hundreds of websites dedicated to covering the Melbourne and Sydney
scenes and still only a handful of websites which focus on our fair Brisbane.

We love to have fun. Our mantra “we ♥ what we like” refers to the passion
we feel about our interests and hobbies. We’re an easy read and we want to
stay that way. Like a good coffee table book, we like to keep our posts short,
enjoyable and visually stimulating.

we ♥ what we like